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Transportation and Logistics

When looking for that perfect transportation partner you will frequently come across the term logistics. But what exactly is logistics and how is it related to transportation. In this post we’d like to clear that all up. Afterall, you’ve likely read these two terms being used interchangeably, but they are not. What is a transportation service? For the purpose of this blog post we will stick the understanding that most of our clientele are transporting freight, as opposed to people, but the terminology remains the same. Transportation services are the actual moving of freight from one location to another. This is done primarily by highway, ra


Three Logistics Careers

All this talk about transportation and logistics probably has your head spinning. Keywords such as freight, LTL, transportation, logistics, and flatbeds ring throughout the transportation industry. But, have you ever stepped aside to figure out the importance of logistics and careers those working in logistics have at their fingertips? Here are five careers for people who love trying to solve problems by working in logistics. Customer Service While you may not have thought about working in customer service when it comes to logistics, the fact is that an entry level position in customer service equips you for several logistical careers. A cust


How Air Freight can benefit you

With all the logistical challenges of transporting freight from one destination to another, it would seem air freight a nearly impossible task. However, air freight is one of the most reliable, safe, and secure ways to transport your freight. From small packages to vehicles, air freight can handle large loads and deliver faster than any other method of transportation. Here are five benefits of air freight: Really fast Air transportation is the fastest way to get your product from one destination to another, especially when delivering across the world. So, if you need to get your product from Japan to the United States by tomorrow, this is how


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