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Refrigerated Freight

All throughout the United States, grocery stores, supermarkets, and the like depend on their refrigerated dairy, produce, meats, and so much more to help supply their local communities with the food that they need each and every day. For the thousands of food producers, dairy farms, produce farms, and industrial manufacturers, it’s no secret that they require a tested, trusted, and proven Refrigerated Freight provider who can deliver to all of their destinations on time, on budget, and without issue, so that our communities have what they need to live happy, healthy lives.

Our Refrigerated Freight service offers you the opportunity to leverage the experience and capabilities of a massive dedicated fleet of Refrigerated Trucks and devoted drivers who understand just how important their job really is. With the exact same service as our Truckload Freight and Expedited Freight service,  you can expect unrivaled support, personalized routing, and hauling, and affordable rates that help you maximize your value and bring your products further than you ever had before.

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Take advantage of everything that we have to offer – whether you’re shipping within state lines, one state over, or across the country. We’re prepared to be the Refrigerated Freight partner that you can count on day after day. So, whether you’re a local farm, a grocery distributor, or an industrial manufacturer who requires temperature-controlled logistics, you can count on us to deliver.

Each of our trailers and semi’s can be completely tailored to suit the unique needs of your load. We even have modular climate control capabilities that allow us to set different conditions for different sections in our trailers so that you can fit your whole haul on one load.

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