Three Logistics Careers

All this talk about transportation and logistics probably has your head spinning. Keywords such as freight, LTL, transportation, logistics, and flatbeds ring throughout the transportation industry. But, have you ever stepped aside to figure out the importance of logistics and careers those working in logistics have at their fingertips?

Here are five careers for people who love trying to solve problems by working in logistics.

Customer Service

While you may not have thought about working in customer service when it comes to logistics, the fact is that an entry level position in customer service equips you for several logistical careers. A customer service representative is the middle person between the customer and the logistics team. That means customer service needs to know their stuff. A customer service representative must tackle uncommon problems, address complaints, answer questions and provide logistical feedback to the customer. That’s a tough task, but in the end it can lead to a steep promotion curve in management.


A logistical consultant is someone who works directly with a customer to implement logistical solutions, especially regarding complicated concerns. From project management to mining for data, and overseeing the implementation of their plan the job of a consultant is rewarding, yet takes a keen eye and attention to detail.

Inventory Manager

Inventory managers must be on top of things and if logistics is your calling this may be the career for you. Inventory managers oversee incoming and outgoing storage of goods as well as analyze trends in that data. What used to be considered more of a physical operation, inventory managers now use the latest software, computing systems, and technology to create resolutions to problems and implement cost-saving change.  

While there are dozens of careers in logistics, the most important factor of working in this industry is attention to detail. Logistics careers involve people who want to analyze data, create systems, and resolve problems. Does this sound like you?