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Ocean Freight

Transport by sea is considered one of the most reliable and Earth-conscious ways to transport your freight. If time is not a consideration transport by sea provides safe and reliable transportation channels that are also a cost-effective solution to international transportation. Whether you are shipping to Asia, South America, or Europe you can be rest-assured that Moving America Forward can manage your sea transportation needs to get your freight where you need it and on time.

Sea transportation is a convenient way to ship large assets across the globe while also ensuring you have up-to-date knowledge on the status of your shipment.

Moving America Forward works with subsidiary partners to assure that we can both handle your freight regardless of size as well as provide you the most cost-effective quote for your transportation need.

Moving America Forward and it’s partners are large enough to handle all of your global sea transportation and provide innovative solutions to complex logistics needs. We are also small enough as a private company that we can provide superior customer service to build long-lasting and powerful working relationships with all of our customers.

Moving America Forward is a dedicated and reliable transportation service offering solutions to fit all your transportation needs. Whether you require highway, rail, air, or sea transport our staff is on-call to manage your logistical needs

Benefits of Ocean Freight:

Ports often have great infrastructure to handle all your shipping needs upon departure and arrival.

Flexibility in size and weight of freight

Highest ability to transport any amount of a product.

Can change course quickly averting weather conditions that may plague another transportation method


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